Upcoming Bible Studies

Is it hard for you to tell others “No”? Do you feel over-committed? This nine week study of “Boundaries” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend is aimed at helping you set boundaries in your life. Each student will need to have their own copy of the “Boundaries” book, Workbook and participant’s guide. This class is open to everyone in the Mediapolis area – Christian or non-Christian. If you would like to attend the class but cannot afford the materials, please contact Pastor Jerleen at Immanuel and arrangements will be made to get you the needed materials. If this time does not work for you but you want to do the study, please comment with another time that might work for you and we’ll see if we schedule another class at another time.

Take a break from the daily grind.
The idea of a coffee break is enticing, isn’t it? Even if coffee isn’t your beverage of choice, you look forward to downtime, especially if it is spent with a friend who wants your company.
Jesus is such a friend. The Lord wants our company. He invites us to meet with Him in His Word. Just imagine what He has in store for us as we meet Him with our “cup”—our self—a vessel created and chosen by God, redeemed in Christ, and ready to be filled for His purpose.
Time spent in Bible study will fill you to the brim and beyond with God’s Good News. Sip, savor, and drink deeply from His Word. Receive the outpouring of His grace, His joy, and His peace!
For groups or individuals. Each of these seven sessions is designed to last approximately one hour. Included are engaging Bible study questions and answers, life-application questions, suggestions for fellowship activities, and seven coffee-themed recipes.